Cotswold AONB


I Contributed to a week-long social media campaign run by the Cotswolds National Landscape as part of their new name and logo launch.

The campaign was intended to introduce the new name and logo, and to highlight real people in the Cotswolds, and their personal connections to the landscape. The organisation is looking to break down the stereotype that the Cotswolds is mainly for the wealthy ‘country set’, celebrities, and aristocrats. Inspired by the findings in the Landscapes Review published by Julian Glover in 2019, the campaign was centred on diversity and inclusion, and used the hashtags #ourcotswoldslandscape #ournationallandscapes #landscapesforeveryone. Each day of the campaign focused on a different person (or people) and their description of what they treasure about the landscape, what makes it special, and what it means to them.

My contribution included photographs taken from my visits to the area and sharing my personal relationship with the landscape. Together, the participants and the campaign hoped to convey the message that the Cotswolds National Landscape is for all of us to enjoy and look after.