First Thursdays Cheltenham


First Thursdays was an evening of cultural events which happened on the first Thursday of every month. Bars, restaurants, shops and The Wilson Art Gallery came together to find creative ways to engage visitors in a multidimensional experience, creating a cultural hub of food, music, performance, art and retail – all within walking distance and outside of traditional working hours. It featured artists of various mediums and local community rooted organisations, that were brought together under a monthly theme, such as ‘The Lunar Landing’ and ‘LGBT+ History Month’.

The team worked with a number of community organisations and artists including: The Music Works, The History Press, LGBT+ Partnership Cheltenham and Played Out Records.

I was part of the core team that created the event and put it together. I took part in programming, operations of the event (including sound engineering) and live social media content creation.

Photography Gabrielle Delauney