‘I’ve worked with Polly for the last five years in the cultural sector, and I am constantly blown away by her ability. Her go getter attitude and creative flair means she is always a dream to collaborate with, especially as she has the drive which helps to nurture even the smallest of ideas into reality.

One of the creative initiatives we collaborated on was First Thursdays Cheltenham, an after hours culture hop that showcased local talent and aimed to engage Cheltenham’s community with the arts sector. Polly’s contributions really championed her ability as an event producer and her connections with the local music scene led to some truly amazing events.’

‘When Polly speaks you listen. Thoughtful and passionate about equality, she stands up, takes responsibility and makes a difference. Her video testimony on Hate Crime is compelling and has been used in both our 2019 and 2020 National Hate Crime Awareness Week campaigns.’

‘Polly volunteered as Assistant Producer on my Creative Breakfasts Programme. It has been a pleasure to work with her – she has showed dedication to the events and has worked to make them run smoothly every time. She live-tweets each session and makes sure guests get a great welcome.

Polly is a values-driven creative, bringing thoughtful challenge to every situation. I will watch her career with interest!’

‘I’ve done many festivals and live art platforms, being in Push, coordinated by Polly was one of the best showcases I’ve been involved with. The time and dedication put into achieving the small intricate artistic details being asked of Polly and her staff by the artists was nothing short of incredible. The event was extremely professional but at the same time personal, as an artist you were carefully looked after and nothing was too much to ask. 

I applauded her for including a work like ‘Mr Sweep’ and others in ‘Push’, which created an evening of work that was interactive and thought provoking. It pushed boundaries and left both the spectators and artists feeling like they were very much puppets to the progressive and meaningful aura of the evening. 

Polly is so passionate, polite and professional. As an artist herself, she understands what it means to put your work out there to be discussed and shaped by the viewer. 

I would call her a sister and friend in this industry we call home.’

‘I’m excited to be collaborating with Polly on the ‘Writing for Fun Group & Zine’, having worked with her on previous publications as part of Wilson Arts Collective. Polly has created so many beautifully designed and thoughtful put-together zines & I particularly love how she puts each zine together uniquely for each project.’

‘We asked Polly to get involved with our social media campaign because we knew how passionately she believes in inclusion, and how much access to the countryside means to her personally. We wanted real people to feature in the campaign, and to speak candidly about their connection to the landscape. Polly delivered everything we hoped for with her contribution to the campaign’